Schutz vor Wasserschäden durch den HYDROGUARDDamage caused by Mains Water

The water hose of the washing machine bursts overnight. Water is flooding the bathroom and soaking the floor. A damage of € 5.000,00 to € 20.000,00 is the result, dependent on the structural situation (concrete, brickwork, wood fiber material). And additionally to the financial aspect, lot of annoyance, time and energy must be spent to sort the damage.

Protection against Water Damage – thanks to our HYDROGUARD®

Our HYDROGUARD®  is no simple water stop but rather an intelligent water-management-system with well thought-out functions to protect the building against water damage. 

Our HYDROGUARD®  system recognizes the difference between normal water removal and pipe break or leakage (also drop water loss). The mains water feed is stopped within three seconds once increased water removal is detected. 

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