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Energy save and conservation of value by water treatment

Specific treatment of filling water (softening / deionisation) and the use of corrosion protection inhibitors combined with efficient filter technique ensures an optimum protection of boiler and pipe walls. The formation of deposits is avoided at the same time.

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ANALYTICS – expensive repair can be avoided in time

A yearly check of the heating system is recommended.  The analysis informs about the actual condition of the system.  Analytical parameters of drinking water, filling water and water in the closed heating circuits are obtained in our inhouse laboratory.  A confirmation is submitted that the valid standards VDI 2035 / ÖNORM 5195-1 are kept.  In case of any deviation to the nominal values, respective recommendation and advice is given.

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LEIHANLAGEN zur Befüllung von Heizungsanlagen mit entsalztem Wasser

Die Füllung von Heizungsanlagen mit Trinkwasser, direkt aus der Wasserleitung, ist nicht mehr Stand der Technik. Die Einhaltung der Vorgaben nach VDI 2035 / ÖNORM H 5195-1 wird seitens der Kesselhersteller vorgeschrieben.

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