Borehole Supply


Not everybody is lucky enough to benefit from and enjoy drinking water from public mains. In the countryside, an own borehole often is the single drinking water source. Our treatment systems and technologies assist in transforming borehole water in healthy drinking water. Modern plant technology proven in practice ensure high operation safety, reliability and keeping of limit values in accordance with drinking water regulation.  Trust in our Know How and products.

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HYDROION® Ion Exchange

Nitrate removal

  • Reduction of nitrate concentration below the desired / required value 
  • Regenerant on common salt basis

 Water softening

  • Treatment of original water to softened water
  • Fully automatic regeneration by means of regenerant on common salt basis

HYDROWELL® UV-Disinfection

  • Safe water disinfection by using UV light
  • No modification of water features
  • No chemical disinfection substances are added

HYDROSOLV® Ground Water Treatment

Removal / Reduction of iron and manganese:

  • Filtration of iron and manganese via mineral granulate
  • The filter system is cleaned and regenerated fully automatic in regular intervals

Decarburating / Water hardening:

  • Partial decarburating and increase of pH-value by filtration of water passing natural limestone
  • Great part of the aggressive carbonic acid is neutralized
  • The water is hardened up somewhat

Active carbon filtration:

  • Absorbing of chlorine, hydrocarbon, pesticides and herbicides
  • Removal of pollutants / harmful substances without other substances need to be added
  • Improves odour and taste of water

Removal / reduction of turbid matters:

  • Filtration of turbid matters whilst passing a granulate on quartz and carbon basis
  • Safe retention of sand, particles and turbid matters
  • Fully automatic cleaning of filter system by backwash​

HYDRODOS® Dosing Technology

Definite fully automatic dosing material addition having food registration

Acid removal: pH-value increase by using alkaline dosing material

Disinfection: Disinfection by dosing product on chlorine/chlorine dioxide basis


HYDROMOS® Desalination, Reduction of Nitrate and Ammonium

The physical process is suited to remove all minerals almost totally and thus, nitrate and ammonium too.

Small amount of minerals have to be added to the salt-free water if that is further used for drinking water applications.

The treated water is free from germs, bacteria and particles.


Any special problem can often be solved by different treatment methods. Detailed water and system analysis are made by us on demand and an individual and optimum solution or treatment process determined. Our advice for the planning of new installations is competent and conscientious. 

Inspection and control of water for the use by human beings especially refers to natural water from boreholes, sources, streams and rivers.  Our analysis determines all relevant health and technical parameters